Property transfers: Franklin Park home sells for $300,000



EDITOR’S NOTE: Content appears as it is provided in public records.

Franklin Park

2744 Elder Lane: Jesus Medico Urbano to Mouhamad Hinnawi for $100,000 on Aug. 23

9560 West Grand Ave: North Community Bank to E T Building Mgmt LLC for $300,000 on Aug. 20


328 Victoria Drive: Patricia Gebala and James Grzyb to Agapita Salto Rangel for $95,000 on Aug. 20

420 44th Ave: Osiel Puebla to Gonzalo Chaidez and Ericka Z Ceyca for $120,000 on Aug. 20

Schiller Park

4018 Grace St: April S Hanstad, Vickie L Romano and Sandra L Benson to Demetrios Manolitsis and Michael Manolitsis for $111,500 on Aug. 20

Stone Park

1610 43rd Ave: Petrona E Allen to Victor Herrera for $62,000 on Aug. 20

River Grove

8741 W Lyndale St: Sylwester Truszkowski to Ih2 Property Il LP for $186,500 on Aug. 21

Melrose Park

10422 Wrightwood Ave: John Lamantia Sr to Armida Lacap and Ricky Lacap for $215,000 on Aug. 21

10936 Alta St: Joan Tauzillo to Andrew F Matusek for $149,000 on Aug. 20

3100 Martin Ave: Bonnie Clark and Ted Clark to Pamela D Taylor-Walker and Richard L Walker for $70,000 on Aug. 21

1700 N 23rd Ave: Edward Dziadosz to Joanna Galvan and Juan Manuel Diaz for $143,000 on Aug. 20

1417 36th Ave: Demeroukas Katharine J S to Tomas Garcia and Bernardina Garcia for $142,500 on Aug. 19

1206 Winston Drive: Roberto C Rios and Mirey A Rios to Samuel J Chiappetta for $163,000 on Aug. 20

1512 N 12th Ave: Roeco Cosentino and Julie M Cosentino to Carmela Carotenuto for $222,500 on Aug. 22

909 Winston Drive: Kathleen Piemonte to Zihni Saliu and Fezane Saliu for $183,000 on Aug. 21

685 Winston Drive: Cathleen M Torina and Philip F Torina to David N Rodriguez and Sara C Rodriguez for $169,000 on Aug. 23


1000 Marshall Ave: Soon Properties LLC to Anthony Mosley for $130,000 on Aug. 20


4332 N Ottawa Ave: Jaime Roman and Katarzyna I Roman to Ih2 Property Il LP for $160,000 on Aug. 22

7650 W Lawrence Ave, #302: Grzegorz R Uszko to Yuriy Khudzyk and Tetyana Khudzyk for $155,000 on Aug. 21

4330 N Neva Ave, #205: Luiza A Drwiega to Argiro Vranas for $187,000 on Aug. 20

Elmwood Park

7772 W Elmgrove Drive: Robert D Nowicki to Property Il Ih2 for $187,500 on Aug. 22

2143 N 73rd Court: William Gonzalez Jr to Zahara Investments Inc for $111,000 on Aug. 23


24 E Jefferson St: Janice A Ciolino and Joseph Ciolino to Nancy Ciolino for $265,000 on Aug. 22

411 Grace St: Dg Enterprises LLC to Adela Rodriguez and Dulce M Rodriguez for $165,000 on Aug. 23

315 Barron St: Gaetana N Slaga and Michael Slaga to Jeffrey T Luczynski for $270,000 on Aug. 23

806 Grove Ave: Linda de Pretto and Ls 1-2 & Pt Vac Alley B 4 Volk Bros Brentwd 40-11 to Juan Arellano for $190,000 on Aug. 19

1108 Argyle St: Chicago Title Land Trust Co to Adam D Petersen and Heather N Snyder for $197,000 on Aug. 22


3N324 N Howard Ave, #2: Francine Barnett and Mark Gerick to Richard Cutler and Svitlana Cutler for $158,000 on Aug. 23

777 N Howard Ave: Mount Nugent Constr Ltd to Gina M Panzeca and Frank A Sommario for $520,000 on Aug. 23

150 E Grand Ave, #102: Rosemarie Tobias to Miqual Tellado for $84,500 on Aug. 19

249 Melrose Ave: Alexr M Iouriev and Wendy Mui to Chas B Larrick and Susan Larrick for $300,000 on Aug. 21

168 W North Ave: Ashley L Adams and Alex N Marx to Elizabeth Morrissey and Frank Morrissey for $225,000 on Aug. 22

352 N Elm Ave: Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp to Kamil Bednarik and Miriam Bysterianska for $240,000 on Aug. 23

454 May St: Anne E Martenson and Scott D Martenson to James J Hogan and Nancy Hogan for $435,000 on Aug. 23

194 N Maple Ave: Alfred Lukasek and Virginia R Decl Michelsen Trust to Charlotte A Keane and Thomas D Keane for $320,000 on Aug. 20 

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